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The Long Night of Museums 2024 in Warsaw

Prezydent Rafał TrzaskowskiLadies and Gentlemen,

The 20th anniversary edition of the Night of Museums awaits us. Some 312 institutions have declared their participation in this year’s event, having prepared 336 attractions, most of them created specially for this night.

In front of the Youth Palace (Pałac Młodzieży), on the Świętokryska Street side, will be a city of Warsaw pavilion with an interactive installation – you will be able to print out your own collage of pictures and photos as a postcard. Special museum transport services will run from a stop on Emilii Plater Street.

Recently, the most popular walk has been across the new footbridge connecting the downtown area with the Praga district (or vice versa). After crossing the bridge, attractions await you at galleries and at the Praga Museum, as well as the exhibition about sauna culture located next to Targowa Creativity Centre.

You can also start a walk from the Ateneum Theatre, which is taking part in the event for the first time with an exhibition devoted to Gustaw Holoubek in its art deco interior.

Many institutions have prepared routes connected with the 80th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. The History Meeting House invites you to the Polish Telephone Joint-stock Company (PAST) building on Zielna Street, where you can visit the site of fierce insurgent fighting.

The Night of Museums shows that we live in a fascinating city full of active and cheerful people. It is a really special day as we show how exceptional Warsaw is and that getting to know it never ends.

See you on May 18!

Rafał Trzaskowski
Mayor of Warsaw