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Od 19:00 do 23:00
Dla kogo: od 3 do 6 lat, od 7 do 13 lat, Młodzież, Dorośli

Night of Museums at St. Kazimierz Church in Pruszków
Film, Koncert, Spotkanie, Warsztaty, Wykład, Wystawa, Zwiedzanie

St. Kazimierz Church
ul. Berenta 1
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Parish of St. Kazimierz in Pruszków
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Parish of St. Casimir in Pruszków (photo from the parishs media resources)

Parish of St. Casimir in Pruszków (photo from the parishs media resources)

Szczegóły wydarzenia:

The historic St. Kazimierz Church in Pruszków is part of the cultural heritage, a place associated with the history of Pruszków, Mazovia, and Poland. At the same time, it is still a living place of worship. During this years Night of Museums, the interior of this neo-Gothic church will become a sensory space that can be experienced with all the senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch, and even taste. In this way, we will try to find not only the material but also the spiritual shape of this space. We will attempt to see and touch what may seem invisible and untouchable...

Informacje praktyczne:

Considering that we gather in the church, we kindly ask all our guests to dress appropriately for this occasion, i.e., to cover their shoulders and wear long trousers or a dress or skirt that reaches below the knees.

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