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Od 17:00 do 23:30
Dla kogo: od 7 do 13 lat, Młodzież, Dorośli

Measure the Night at GUM
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Central Office of Measures
ul. Elektoralna 2
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Central Office of Measures (GUM)
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photo: Central Office of Measures

photo: Central Office of Measures

Szczegóły wydarzenia:

‘The World of Pre-metric Measures.’ Shows: Tachographs from A to Z; Dont Be Fooled – cash registers; The secret of the touchstone – bring your jewellery, well examine it; The chronometer will tell you the truth – check the pace of your wristwatch; Decimal Weight – measurements of mass on historical scales; Robots and 3D scanners used in length measurements; The colour of light and the appearance of food products; UV radiation blocking by sunglasses; The measurement of running speed; Laboratory Tours: Time and Frequency, Length, Temperature, Flows, Force and Torque.

Informacje praktyczne:

The exhibition and shows are available without restrictions. Laboratory tours in groups of 10 people, entry to individual rooms with a guide every 45 minutes. Groups will be formed on-site on a first-come, first-served basis.

Organizator wydarzenia ponosi odpowiedzialność za treść i rzetelność udostępnionych informacji

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