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Secrets of the Beekeepers Workshop
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Workshop and ‘Pszczelarium’ Apiary, wooden cottage in the square
ul. Konduktorska 17
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Pszczelarium Agnieszka Skórska-Baj
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photo: Kamil Baj

photo: Kamil Baj

Szczegóły wydarzenia:

A tour of a beekeepers workshop, during which you will discover the lesser-known and more obvious aspects of their work. There will be an opportunity to see usually unseen elements of the workshop such as equipment for harvesting honey and pollen. You will also be able to enter the storage room and the part of the workshop where wax is obtained. The evening will culminate with a visit to our balcony apiary, where we will observe the bees together. We will use red light, which bees cannot see, so you will non-invasively discover the nocturnal life in the hive.

Informacje praktyczne:

The workshop lasts about an hour. Group size is limited to 15 people. Long trousers and closed shoes are recommended. We provide beekeeping jackets with veils on site.

Organizator wydarzenia ponosi odpowiedzialność za treść i rzetelność udostępnionych informacji

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